Happerley Appoints Managing Director

14th Nov 2019 09:00 AM


HAPPERLEY has appointed its first Managing Director. Laura Jayne Roberts has joined the team to help ensure effective client outcomes, drive the marketing and PR strategy forward and to focus on team development and cohesive delivery during a challenging time of growth. It will allow founder and CEO, Matthew Rymer, more time to develop and drive the vision and growth strategy.
Rymer comments: ‘LJ has the integrity, humility and people engagement skills this appointment requires. We now have a fantastic team and with her intuitive management and direction she will help to galvanise the strengths of our team to support a shared vision.'
Since leaving University with a Masters in Multi Media Journalism, she has succeeded in a series of  transformation and innovation roles. Starting as a local news reporter, she then became the first female journalist to work on the Racing Post editorial desk. Removing herself from London, she has since established and directed communication teams in the educational sector and taught at the University of Gloucestershire, lecturing across journalism degrees, before setting up her own successful PR agency specialising in food and drink. This has allowed her to accrue a solid strategic understanding of both consumers’ and food business wants and needs.
LJ comments: ‘I have joined Happerley because - quite simply - I believe it is a fantastic organisation that is, can and will continue to grow at a pace and change people’s lives. It is not a case of if but when the food and drink industry turns transparent and Happerley is best placed to deliver this.  I am working with a brilliant team delivering to some fantastic clients - everyone is so passionate. I really look forward to delivering to all client expectations across all our projects. One network, one truth… and one team!'
Laura-Jayne (centre) alongside client Chris Creed of Creed Foodservice (left) and Ryan Hansom, Catering Manager of client RAU at Cirencester (right)