Happerley Investment Opportunity Released

6th Nov 2017 07:19 AM


Happerley Limited, delivering a membership platform and blockchain based software to validate provenance for the benefit of the whole food industry, is releasing its first investment opportunity.

Following successful field trials, the investment will support the two unique elements of Happerley. 

Firstly, to fast track its membership growth. In 2018 it aims to have turned thousands of food businesses across the UK into Happerley Provenance Champions – with their ingredient supply chains certified and published into one public network. 

Secondly, taking the six passporting pilots, involving six food supply chains to  MIdcounties Co-operative, to commercial realisation by 2019. This entails applying proprietorial blockchain technologies to passport foodstuffs from birth or seed through the most complex manufacturing processes to instant and 100% consumer facing traceability on menu, on shelf and on pack.

To date, Gloucestershire farmer and software business owner, Matthew Rymer, has provided the majority of funding. Happerley has attracted high profile support from across the whole food industry and is being championed by Midcounties Co-operative. It is being considered as a potentially universal solution to beating food fraud and protecting provenance premium.

The Happerley Advisory Board is made up of leading figures in the food and farming industry. Chaired by Peter Jinman OBE, former non-exec director of Red Tractor and currently leading DEFRA’s Farm Animal Welfare committee it also features leading food lawyer and partner at Burges Salmon LLP Sian Edwards; CEO of Midcounties Co-operative Philip Ponsonby; Chris Crookall-Fallon, community finance specialist; Will Bennett co-founder of Dairy Partners (International Track Top 100 business); Adam Henson, farmer and TV presenter;  Tim Bennett, former NFU President and Chairman of Food Standards Agency; and Clifford Freeman, farmer and successful hotelier.

Peter Jinman summarises the sentiment of the Board: “Happerley is the missing link in our food industry. It is much needed by all. I look forward to bringing my experience and insights into helping Happerley become a trusted and credible connection.”

Matthew Rymer explains that Happerley is geared to become a legacy project for the whole food industry: “The UK can seize the moment to really establish itself as a world leader in food transparency. The opportunity is enormous. Happerley is a unique hybrid of technology and soul that has gained credibility from farmer up. This is a relatively low risk investment for potential high return. We know what needs to be done, we know how to do it, we know it is wanted, and we know we have the right people in place.”

Please contact 01242 222848 for details of our investment agents.