Happerley Movement Gains Momentum

14th Jul 2017 04:22 AM


As our movement picks up momentum, we find that our phones are working around the clock with calls from food producers, intermediaries, and retailers about how they can get involved in creating the link between food and farm.

We are not simply certifying food businesses. Chase Distillery, Stroud Brewery, Tutts Clump Cider, and Hillside Brewery are amongst the beverage organizations that have taken the Provenance Pledge in the last week. These companies are now contributing to the groundbreaking and expanding network of like minded businesses who are strengthening the foundations of our food systems from the soil on up.

We now meeting every supplier to The Midcounties Co-operatives 'Best of Our Counties' brand to help secure and validate their provenance credentials.

We are fast tracking provenance to the forefront of the UK food industry and symbiotically consumers are provided with the confidence to know and follow precisely where their food is sourced at all levels.

Consumers increasingly want to know the journey of their food and Happerley makes this visible to an ever-expanding audience of conscious onsumers who are motivated to seek out provenance assured suppliers, foods, restaurants, artisan producers, and farms.          

If you would like to find out how you can take the next step and get in on the fastest growing food movement in the UK, please contact a member of our Provenance Team visit https://happerley.co.uk/join-us or call 01242 222848.