Happerley turns Cinderhill Farm Transparent

12th Dec 2019 08:46 AM

Happerley are pleased to welcome Deborah Flint and the whole of the Cinderhill team to the ‘Happerley’ family, who have just been awarded their Happerley Transparent Marque.
Deborah Flint, producer of Cinderhill Farm’s sausage roll and ‘Foggy’ pasty won The Midcounties Co-operative’s Food Glorious Food competition launched in 2018. Their products sell at Gloucester Services on the M5, as well as being sought after by other high-quality food retailers.
The animals serve a number of roles, firstly and foremost they are kept for food, but the farm also benefits from sheep wool and eggs from the fowl.
The rare and native breeds are their animals of choice; rare and traditional breeds that are bred using traditional methods. Their meat production is entirely within the spirit of the Slow Food Movement ‘Eat them and Keep them’.
As well as raising animals they offer a unique Pig Livery service where customers can buy a weaner at eight weeks old. The farm then cares for and nurtures their pig. At Cinderhill Farm the animals have green grass and the open skies above them, with cosy shelters to rest in and fresh running water to drink.
Alongside animal welfare, Cinderhill Farm have invested time and resources in Eco-friendly technology and materials. The farm has almost exclusively 100% renewable energy, most of which is produced on site. Now in a unique position of producing surplus foods; the meats, fruit and vegetables are used to bake pies on the farm.