Happerley's network growing faster than Jack's beanstalk!

24th Aug 2017 06:51 AM

Our already strong network of Happerley members has been reinforced by new members signing up each day and committing to our mission of transparency in food production. These are all companies that share our vision of creating a totally visible food provenance trail and want to give consumers the power to buy with confidence.
 So, a heartfelt welcome and thanks to our fellow food crusaders who are all helping to turn the tide of mistrust which has developed in consumers over so many years of recalls and obfuscation. Beverage producers sharing their provenance with pride are Ramsbury Brewery, Ledbury Cider and Juice, Dhillons Brewery, Byatts Brewery and the Salopian Brewery. Doesn’t your well-earned pint taste that much better knowing where its ingredients have come from?
Joining this fine line-up on the food side of the equation are Great Ness Oils, Heather’s Harvest, Garvins Honey and Padstow Kitchen Garden. Let’s all support and recognise each other as we grow ever bigger and our message is carried to all four corners of the UK. We do hope to see as many members as possible at our Provenance Heroes event at Happerley HQ on September 20th, it will be a great chance to network as well as raise money for the Addington Fund.