It's Official: Chadlington Brewery are Happerley Transparent

21st Sep 2020 14:47 PM

Chadlington brewery is passionate about the art of brewering beer, taking inspiration from the glorious Oxfordshire countryside. Only natural ingredients are used when brewing great tasting beers, including Oxfordshire spring water and the finest English hops and malt.
Believing in the importance of being respectful of the environment locally and on a global scale, Chadlington Brewery work hard to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible; renewable heat soources are used to heat the water in the brewery, and the spent grains are used as animal feed on farms in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. The highly knowledgeable Brew Crew are constantly working on their product development and developing new beer recipes 
We are thrilled to have Chadlington Brewery joining the Happerley Network!
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