#namethefarm Campaign Launched Following Leading Article in The Guardian Newspaper & Observer

2nd Oct 2016 14:55 PM

Our #namethefarm media campaign was successfully launched following publication of a leading article in The Guardian and Observer newspapers written by Yvonne Roberts.
The article titled ‘How can we put the taste back into British food?’ addressed issues such as how fresh local produce has been replaced by cheap, bland, industrial-farmed food as supermarkets slash prices and what will it take to bring change and create sustainable and traceable food networks in the UK. 
The article included research findings of a recent YouGov poll where 71% of UK shoppers say that buying local produce is important yet supermarkets focus their efforts on providing cheap food.
Happerley Managing Director Matthew Rymer commented:
“Cheaper food is obviously welcome but there has to be a balance,” says Matthew Rymer, who comes from seven generations of Gloucestershire farmers. “What’s not currently calculated is the hidden cost of what’s on our plates. Too often, major retailers create the price storms that drown the smaller farmers and leave the others floating on subsidies. We are also losing our independent local food processing infrastructure as large retailers and processors contort the food chain and gain more and more retail power.”
The article encompassed a number of case studies from farmers and producers where ‘local’ is leading the way and contributing to the surrounding economy.  Nevertheless, the article concluded with the challenges the UK faces in creating a more honest and transparent food chain. The full article can be found here
You can support our campaign by getting involved in a number of ways including challenging every restaurant, every chef, and every retailer to #namethefarm.
Stating where the ingredient is 'from' is not good enough. Ask for the farm name.  You can also buy your very own tshirt for a small charge of £10 here.