Support Your Local Producers at Christmas

6th Dec 2016 07:57 AM

The festive season is upon us so now so what better time than to try and keep your Christmas shopping local to show support for your producer neighbours. Before you rush off to the supermarket or begin a marathon shopping session online, perhaps just stop for one moment and take a good look around your local community; you will be amazed at the rich assortment of Christmas goodies available right on your door step; quality food and drink, trees, holly and mistletoe, and plenty of other decorations, all grown, reared or hand made locally.
Here are few ways to help support your local economy:
  1. Speak to your local independent butcher or your farm shop about the range of meat available – there will be plenty of ingredients to see you through the whole of the festive season available right on your doorstep.
  1. Look for regionally produced artisanal products – nothing says ‘I love you’ like a carefully thought out hand crafted gift for the love of your life. Keep an eye out for local food gifts and handmade crafts in your Farm Shop.
  1. Buying hampers and veg boxes are a great way to support producers etc. and often you will find a vast range of goodies from the humble brussel sprout to artisanal handmade after dinner mints.
  1. Look for local festive shopping events in your area. Charity events and craft markets often have a whole variety of products on offer and often give a percentage of profits to a charity. So, you can shop for unique gifts and feel good about the money you spend!
It is so much less stressful to shop locally! No battling of the crowds, queues for car parks and disappointment when the item you bought online failed to arrive within the two-day delivery timeline. And remember that When you shop at your local butchers, bakers, farm shops and grocers, it is likely that a high percentage of the produce has had a traceable gate to plate supply chain with less packaging!
It’s always worth remembering that small purchasing decisions can have a big impact on your community; a pound spent locally goes much further than one spent in a supermarket or high street chain store. By backing our local producers, the country can become a more food secure nation.