Wallers Butchers in Ledbury to Name Every Farm

7th Sep 2016 11:37 AM

Ledbury based family butcher Wallers is now working with us as part of our catering pilot with Gloucester Rugby so we can supply meat for their squad that has full named farm provenance. This pilot means that all the meat supplied by Wallers will be traceable and that includes every pack of diced chicken, bacon and mince as well as joints; full farm to plate Happerley Passport traceability.

Providing such meat traceability to meet the constantly changing demands of a competitive catering contract has been and is highly challenging.

Wallers the family butchers shop was set up in 1977 by DT Waller and will soon be entering their 40th year of successful trading and serving their meat to the local community and beyond.  Wallers work closely with their suppliers to bring the quality and variety of meats from season to season and year to year they sourcing their meat from local farms where all the animals are reared outdoors. The meat is dry hung and professionally prepared by the team. Their philosophy has always been ‘to serve as they would wish to be served’ whilst maintaining a high standard of quality produce, choice and great value.
Mr Waller said  “providing traceable meat with named farm provenance to the Gloucester rugby squad is a wonderful opportunity for the business and the industry. Local should mean local and we have seen that this is not always the case with some butchers. We work hard to source the finest quality meat products from local farms and to be able to show that publicly through the Happerley network will help us to strengthen our reputation as a butcher that really cares about where and how the animals were reared, slaughtered, butchered and sold. We are proud of the quality of our produce and are absolutely delighted to be supplying Gloucester rugby as part of the Happerley network”.