Welcome The Boutique Distillery Ltd!

12th Dec 2019 08:53 AM

We are very excited to welcome The Boutique Distillery to our Happerley family, who have just been awarded their Happerley Transparent Marque.  They are a small family owned craft distillery in Gloucestershire producing great tasting spirits.
The Boutique Distillery are proud to be the only distillery in England who build their own unique copper stills from scratch, using up-cycled materials, doing their role in reducing their carbon footprint. They use only the best ingredients that can be fully traced back to the original source, including the finest Malvern Hills spring water. Each bottle, from their small batches are numbered for traceability and here at Happerley we celebrate their transparency. Their Gin is made entirely by themselves in house and not outsourced to any commercial enterprises.
Their story began 25 years ago in New Zealand, learning their craft from a moonshiner with ‘an amazing amount of knowledge and knowhow’. Today, The Boutique Distillery Ltd produces flavoursome Gin with beautiful well-rounded notes.
“Only the purest water is used to temper our Gin inspired by the snow melt water of New Zealand.”