What a Bank Holiday That Was!

1st Sep 2020 15:58 PM

We had been counting down and working hard ahead of the launch of Happerley England on 29th August, and WOW what a launch it was!
The support for Happerley England has been overwhelming – it is great to finally be able to share the space we’ve been working alongside Lock29 to create! Within the first two days we had sold out at the deli and had an emergency order for more. Happerley England has been a project that has been created with complete passion for quality food and drink, and a need for consumers to feel empowered to make better informed purchasing decisions. Those stocking and selling at Happerley England are committed to the journey of becoming Gold Standard Transparent so that products can be traced by to the farms they were produced on: for example, Hook Norton Brewery who are the sole suppliers of draught beer at ‘The Salt Cellar’ bar, have committed to tracing the malt, hops and barley they use right back to the farms to deliver this transparency. Happerley England empowers the consumer and brings the farmers to the forefront of the conversation.
A lot is planned for Happerley England and we are continuously working hard to improve and achieve new goals we could only dream of at the start of this year with COVID-19 providing countless hurdles and barriers. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, promotions and events set to take place soon!
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