As we have quietly developed Happerley over the last year
we have attracted a wave of support from producers
and others supporting us in our mission to achieve
validated transparency in the food chain.

Jenni Hobson

Gloucestershire Farmer and Teaching Assistant

"To protect the food chain from fraud and create a sustainable local model for British Agriculture - transparent, truthful, quality, trustful, integrity are all words that we need to describe this great industry.

We have travelled far to far away from good, quality local produce and this is a great initiative to drive it back to where it shouldn't have left!"

Tom Beeston

Chief Executive, Rare Breeds Survival Trust

"In order to trust your food, you have to know your Farmer, that's why Happerley is such a great concept."


Will Bennett

Director, Dairy Partners Cymru Limited

"We support Happerley and look forward to working with its producers. UK dairy farmers are struggling like no other sector at the moment. As processors for some of them, the more of the story we can convey through the food chain and to the consumer, the better the premium we can deliver to the producer. UK conumers need to understand that what is left of UK dairying is a vital cornerstone of the rural economy and essential to maintaining a landscape hardly suited to any other type of farming."


Dairy Partners Cymru  is a family owned British dairy company supplying UK and overseas markets. They supply cheese to manufacturers, distributor and food service networks. They work in close partnership with British dairy farmers as well as customers delivering healthy cheese and other dairy products.

Charles Martell

Charles Martell & Sons

"Consumers want a lot more honesty and transparency than they currently get. The truth of any food starts on a farm and that is where it needs to be managed. Not in the supermarkets."

Charles Martell is a renowned cheesemaker who revived Single and Double Gloucester Cheeses, created Hereford Hop and most famously Stinking Bishop and now produces 7 different cheeses.

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