Retailer Benefits

Be Seen To Be Commited To Honest & Transparent Food Chains

We aim to certify 50% of UK restaurants', processors and wholesalers Happerley transparent to producer level by 2020. Next year, we will introduce the Passporting process to every Happerley network, validating the provenance of all produce sold through every chain, from farmer upwards.

Connect your customers through your supply chain to the farmers, growers and fishermen

Turn Your Food Supply Network Transparent


Know Your Farmer. Trust Your Food

Retailer Membership Application


Showcase your commitment to transparent and honest food provenance. Please contact Melanie on 01242 222878 or email your contact details to start your membership process.  All we need from you is a list of your suppliers.​ We do the rest.

Certification Process

Firstly we provide a provisional membership that includes a published profile on Happerley. We then enter a 4 - 8 week audit process to certify your suppliers. We undertake all the necessary work to create your own transparent trading network, from farm to fork.

Our process comprises:

  • Briefing your suppliers on the importance you attach to provenance and traceability

  • Certifying each supplier, signing each up to the Happerley commitment

  • Contacting their nominated supplying farmers or growers and bringing these producers online and visible in your network

We will then publish your fully certified trading network online, providing you a POS membership pack with a unique membership code. We will also announce your membership online, on site and to media.

Retail Memberships are available to:

  • Retail Outlet
  • Restaurant
  • Retail butcher
  • Food service business

If you are a Producer or Intermediary and, Retailer you will be able to link your accounts


By Joining Happerley you will be able to:


*Network with Producers and Intermediaries*

  • Source directly from producers
  • Develop long term trading relationships with intermediaries based on Happerley commitments to traceability and provenance
  • Have a visible connection to your intermediaries and customer’s networks
  • Create and edit your profile page on the Happerley website
  • Be visible in the consumer search and map locator to producers, intermediaries and consumers
  • Invite other likeminded retailers who support the Happerley commitment to #namethefarm to join Happerley
  • Network with different Happerley producers and intermediaries and share ideas and best practice on creating transparency & driving provenance

*Promote Your Commitment To Happerley*

  • Promote your provenance credentials at point of sale
  • Use your Happerley Membership badge on your business correspondence, website, packaging, marketing etc.
  • Provide your customers with assurances on product provenance
  • Share your traceability and provenance news across the Happerley network
  • Grow your own transparent trading networks
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparent sourcing practices
  • Show support for creating a transparent food network in the UK
  • Participate and benefit from a UK awareness campaign starting in October to encourage consumers to shop and eat Happerley.
  • Invite others in your supply chain to join Happerley and show their commitment to traceability and provenance to #namethefarm

Happerley Membership Information


Your Membership Pack
Once you have completed your online application you will be sent your membership pack which will include window, menu and counter stickers, and a set of consumer leaflets.


Your Membership Rates
Businesses with a turnover of under £1 million: £500 auditing fee plus an annual fee of £200 or £20 per month
Businesses with a turnover in excess of £1 Million: subject to consultation


Happerley Membership Commitment

When joining Happerley we ask you to


  • Declare your public support at every trading opportunity for transparent food chains and provenance;
  • Challenge the suppliers of your primary produce to #namethefarm of origin;
  • Make clear the provenance of products and wherever possible to #namethefarm


  • Source ingredients locally where possible and be able to #namethefarm;
  • Refrain from using the terms ‘local or ‘farm’ on any point of sale or other advertising unless naming the actual producer;
  • Work in partnership with Happerley on driving consumer and producer engagement with the scheme

Your Membership Conditions

Your application must list two producers who your business sources from (directly or indirectly). These will be verified during our approval process. The process duration will depend on how quickly your nominated producers provide verifications. Please note we reserve the right to suspend and withdraw membership at any time if there is evidence that any of these commitments have been breached.