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BUSHEL+PECK cider is handcrafted in Gloucestershire. We make our cider in small batches with unsprayed fruit from gardens and traditional orchards from all over Gloucestershire (plus from a couple of orchards in neighbouring counties, since they are close by). We aim for our ciders to reveal the quality of the fruit from which they are made and to reflect the natural diversity of the area. Not every batch is exactly the same - it'll vary from year to year and according to the fruit we harvest each autumn - but every bottle or cask or keg contains fine, handcrafted cider. BUSHEL: a traditional measure of volume used for agricultural produce, including apples and pears, equivalent to 8 gallons; PECK: there are 4 pecks to a bushel.



We only use UNSPRAYED fruit from GARDENS and TRADITIONAL ORCHARDS in and around GLOUCESTERSHIRE. UNSPRAYED, because sprays harm the environment, as well as the birds, the bees and the bugs that live in and around fruit trees; GARDENS, to utilise surplus local fruit that would otherwise remain unused; t TRADITIONAL ORCHARDS, because they are hotbeds of biodiversity and are home to some of our rare varieties of fruit trees; GLOUCESTERSHIRE (plus one or two nearby orchards in neighbouring counties) because it's our home county and we want to keep food miles to be as low as possible.


All of the fruit we use is local - it either comes from Gloucestershire, our home county, or from a neighbouring county but still within 30 miles of the barn - food miles are low.

Local Communities

We are active members of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust and are serve on its Executive Committee. We are official supporters of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, because bees are a vital part of the pollination process and bees need a helping hand to save the habitats in which they live.

Packaging & Waste

At the barn, we pack our products in cardboard cartons from FSC certified board. Products that are bottled on our behalf by contractors are still packed in shrink-wrapped tray but we are now (2020) seeking to move ALL our production into cardboard. We will strive to minimise the use of single-use plastic; it's used to bottle our apple juice because it is currently uneconomic to purchase the equipment needed for metal caps, and we also use plastic bags for our cask bag-in-box cider, as there is currently no realistic alternative. We ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled.

Inspiring & Educating

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Energy Reduction

All the electricity we use at the barn is from a renewable source (photo-voltaic). The local nature of our business means we try to minimise use of fossil fuels in transporting both raw materials (i.e. fruit) and finished product. Where we have distant customers we strive to offset the carbon associated with getting our cider to market. For example, we recently donated and planted 6 heritage fruit trees on a Scottish island where our cider is sold; the full lie of those fruit trees will capture the carbon emitted in getting our cider to that island for 15 - 20 years.

Nutritional Values

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Animal Welfare

Not applicable ... but please note that traditional orchards are an important habitat that promotes biodiversity.

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