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The Wonky Food Company was started in 2017 by a team of passionate foodies and farmers, committed to tackling food waste by creating great-tasting products that make use of imperfect and surplus fruit & veg. We're on a mission at The Wonky Food Company to do our bit to help reduce the one third of all food produced that's wasted. That's about 1.3 billion tonnes every year!



The business began from a desire to make the food chain more sustainable and less wasteful and in everything we do, from choosing suppliers to designing our packaging, we are mindful of our impact on people and planet.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance. We also encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

Local Communities

We are a rural business and our first customers have been the fabulous community stores and ventures on our doorstep. While we have big ambitions to be a national brand, we will always stay loyal to our local customers and as we grow, explore ways in which we can give back to our local communities.

Packaging & Waste

We use glass jars for our relishes, instead of plastic, and all of our cardboard packaging is made from recycled board. We are always looking at ways to improve our packaging, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Inspiring & Educating

We are currently looking at ways to work with local schools to teach children about where their fruit and veg comes from and help eliminate the disconnect between field and fork.

Energy Reduction

We outsource all our food production, but work closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure energy efficiency is a priority.

Nutritional Values

Our products use 100% natural ingredients, are vegan and gluten-free. We are constantly tweaking and improving our products, being mindful of nutritional balance. For example, we recently reduced the sugar levels in our tomato relish (without compromising on taste!)

Animal Welfare


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