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As a farmer and cider enthusiast living in Northamptonshire, I always wondered why more cider was not produced in my local area. It has good conditions for growing trees, sandwiched between the big cider producing powerhouses of the West Country and the East coast. After painstaking research into cider-making and producing I came up with a blend which incorporates the best of both worlds – a blend of dessert fruits from the east and dry cider apples from the west to produce a perfectly balanced cider that I enjoy drinking (I am after all our chief taster). I use apples from orchards in Herefordshire, as well as our 3500 tree orchard which is stocked with the varieties I need to produce great cider such as Black Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black. Our first orchard was planted in 2012 the year of the Queens Jubilee and hence it has been named the “Jubilee Orchard”. I have since planted a further 2500 trees as the cider’s reputation grows. I decided to make fruit ciders because I feel that a lot of fruit ciders are simply too sugary and sweet and I want to make cider with a hint of fruit – a drink for grown-ups. Our cider is made using real fruit juices and real cider – no flavourings, syrups or nasties. Saxby’s Cider is made with love. So there’s no rushing – just carefully selected English apples, slowly matured and expertly blended. Just like good wine, Saxby’s Cider reflects the unique character of the season in which it is made. Enjoy ... show more



Our fruit comes from our own trees and all ingredients sourced from local quality producers.


At the heart of everything we do, we keep food miles and energy usage to a minimum.

Local Communities

We engage the local community with events and invite interested parties and charities in to come and help with the orchards.

Packaging & Waste

Plastic kept to a minimum we are starting to use reusable rather than recyclable glasses for our events.

Inspiring & Educating

Work with local farmers groups and the local university to help teach about cider and careers in food and drink.

Energy Reduction

Have solar panels to help reduce electricity usage.

Nutritional Values

No artificial flavours or colours used in our cider.

Animal Welfare

No animals involved in our business except our two mascot pigs who are very happy!

Our ingredient suppliers

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Saxby's Cider


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