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Proud to be independent West Berkshire Brewery is known for our award-winning range of traditional cask ales and bottled beers having won more than 40 awards since we struck our first brew in 1995! Our reputation is built on the quality of our product and the service that we offer to our customers. We also have a clear ethos concerning our impact on the environment and we strive to make our business as sustainable as possible; it’s more than just a brewing process, it’s the way we do business as well. With this in mind, the majority of our ingredients are sourced locally, supporting the local economy and caring for the environment. For example, our spent grains are taken by a local farmer as animal feed – recycling at its best!



We use a reedbed drainage system creating a unique natural habitat for plants which in turn attracts insects and birds. Our own little eco-system.


A big part of our environmental credentials is the reedbed but we also send off our spent grain to local farmers to be used as animal feed.

Local Communities

We're surrounded by small villages and offer a community space in our Taproom for people to come together and enjoy a conversation over a bite to eat and a pint. Being in the heart of rural Berkshire and family/dog friendly makes us the perfect destination for a beautiful countryside walk. Most of our team live in the local area and our founder's son is Senior Brewer.

Packaging & Waste

All our packaging is fully recyclable and we use PakTech recycled and recyclable can holders. They are made from milk jugs and other plastic pieces collected from consumers and in 2018 PakTech kept 102,592,428 gallon sized jugs out of landfill. Production of PCR (post-consumer recycled) uses 90% less energy, 100% less petroleum and emilts 78% less greenhouse gasses vs virgin plastic production.

Inspiring & Educating

We offer tours around our brewery to educate people on how we create our beer from ingredients to pint both private and for the public. We also offer cellar training with a BIIAB Award in Beer & Cellar Quality to all of our outlets absolutely free to ensure the quality of our beer wherever it's served.

Energy Reduction

We use cold water to cool our hot wort (liquid extracted from the mashing process during brewing) and then re-claim the heat from our heat exchanger.We also recover condensation from steam. The hot water created goes back into the boiler making the whole process more efficient.

Nutritional Values

We don't use any nasties in our brewing process, just all natural water, malt, hops and yeast. The way it's been brewed for hundreds of years.

Animal Welfare

All core bottled & canned WBB beers are registered with The Vegan Society.

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