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Since opening their bakery doors in 2007, Fatherson Bakery has have quickly built up a reputation for producing some of the finest handmade cakes, traybakes and fruit pies available. The bakery is owned by 3 directors with a wealth of food & drink industry experience across the UK and Internationally within the FMCG industry. They pride themselves on delivering high quality premium products which meet consumer and customer needs through setting the values and high standards that customers have come to expect with their bakery and office teams. Walking around the bakery you will notice that traditional bakery methods are still used to produce each and every one of the handmade products that they supply. Safety always being a priority, their team of experienced bakery staff ensure that the latest practices in food hygiene and safety standards are adhered to. Their SALSA accreditation sits proudly alongside a 5 score rating from Environmental Health. The highest score that can be achieved. Our aim is very simple, to produce cakes to be proud of, at a consistently high quality, at the right price whilst giving an excellent service to our customers.



Refuse partner Fortress ensures zero land fill waste from the business. Sourcing and production in the UK.


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Local Communities

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Packaging & Waste

Refuse partner Fortress ensures zero land fill waste from the business.

Inspiring & Educating

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Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

Traditional bakery products along with Gluten free ranges.

Animal Welfare

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Our ingredient suppliers

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We buy 100% of our Icing Sugar, 100% of our Cake Margarine, 100% of our Lemon Cake Concentrate, 100% of our Plain Concentrate, 100% of our Chocolate Concentrate, 100% of our Shortbread Mix, 100% of our Apple & Cinnamon Mix, 100% of our Ginger Cake Mix, 100% of our Sweet Snow, 100% of our Flapjack mix, 100% of our HT Cake Flour, 100% of our Vegetable Oil, 100% of our Caramel, 100% of our Chocolate Chips, 100% of our Dates, 100% of our Vanilla Flavour, 100% of our Almond Flavour, 100% of our Dew Drops, 100% of our Apple and Blackcurrant Mix, 100% of our Apple and Blackberry Mix, 100% of our Apple and Raspberry Mix, 100% of our Sugar Strands, 100% of our White Icing, 100% of our Chocolate Icing, 100% of our Raspberry Jam, 100% of our Mixed Fruit Jam, 100% of our Lemon Curd, 100% of our Apricot Jam, 100% of our Banoffee filling, 100% of our Salted Caramel Filling, 100% of our Vanilla Frosting, 100% of our Apple Pieces, 100% of our Ground Ginger, 100% of our Mince Meat, 100% of our chocolate frosting, 100% of our strawberry frosting, 100% of our lemon frosting, 100% of our Caster Sugar from
Bako NW

We buy 100% of our Demerara Sugar, 100% of our Nib Sugar, 100% of our Raisins, 100% of our Mixed Peel, 100% of our Dark Chocolate Chips, 100% of our Cocoa Powder, 100% of our Chocolate Logs, 100% of our Ginger Crush, 100% of our White Chocolate Curls, 100% of our Milk Chocolate Beans, 100% of our Potassium Sorbate, 100% of our Carrot Cake Mix, 100% of our Walnuts, 100% of our Flaked Almonds, 100% of our Ground Almonds, 100% of our Cherries, 100% of our Golden Syrup, 100% of our Lemon Slices, 100% of our Mocha Beans, 100% of our Cherry Filling, 100% of our Milk powder, 100% of our Toffee Cake Mix, 100% of our Salted Caramel Frosting, 100% of our Banana Flavour, 100% of our Fudge Pieces, 100% of our Due Rose Buds, 100% of our Creme Cake Mix, 100% of our Vegetable Suet, 100% of our Digestive Biscuits, 100% of our Rice Krispies, 100% of our Rum Flavour, 100% of our Toffee Flavour, 100% of our Caramel Colour, 100% of our Sultanas, 100% of our Black Treacle, 100% of our Mixed Spice, 100% of our Dried Cranberries, 100% of our Toffee Filling, 100% of our Mini MarshMallows, 100% of our Dried Banana Chips from
Kluman & Balter ltd

We buy 100% of our Flour: Self-raising, 100% of our Baking powder, 100% of our Flour: Plain from
Clarks UK LTD

We buy 100% of our Shell Eggs from
Bird Brothers

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01789 766779
[email protected]
Fatherson Bakery, Unit 16 Arden Forest Industrial Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6EP, UK
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Fatherson Bakery Ltd

01789 766779


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