Fatherson Bakery

Since opening their bakery doors in 2007, Fatherson Bakery has have quickly built up a reputation for producing some of the finest handmade cakes, traybakes and fruit pies available. The bakery is owned by 4 directors, 2 fathers, Kevin Lees and David Geary and 2 sons, Phillip Lees and Sean Geary. Between them the 4 directors have over 100 years experience in the food manufacturing and retail sectors. Their vast knowledge has been instrumental in setting the values and high standards that customers have come to expect. Walking around the bakery you will notice that traditional bakery methods are still used to produce each and every one of the handmade products that they supply. Safety always being a priority, their team of experienced bakery staff ensure that the latest practices in food hygiene and safety standards are adhered to. Their SALSA accreditation sits proudly alongside a 5 score rating from Environmental Health. The highest score that can be achieved. Our aim is very simple, to produce cakes to be proud of, at a consistently high quality, at the right price whilst giving an excellent service to our customers.


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