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WE FEEL IT IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS TO LEARN ABOUT US AND ABOUT OUR PASSION FOR FOOD. You might have watched our story, if you haven’t, then give it a whirl and have a nose to find out about how Family Secret all began. My background has been Pharmaceuticals, so I’ve studied drugs and sold tonnes of them, legally of course! So why food I hear you ask? There really is no Secret here, all we want to do is produce good tasting food for everyone. I have a passion for food and have been involved in one or two food business before. However, Family Secret is a real love for me and it lets me meet people at all kinds of events and festivals. WE DON’T ADD ANY NASTY STUFF TO OUR FOOD AND THAT’S THE WHOLE IDEA. I say, “We” as it really is a Family operation here, with my wife, sisters, nieces and even my Mum and Dad all getting involved at some point. Our aim is to provide good tasting healthy foods, more importantly, to provide recipe ideas for good tasting meal solutions. We focus on making sure our food is good to eat too! With low fat, low salt and sugar but maximum authentic flavours; it is great for all the family. We want to unite families with our cooking and our world wide flavours. There are also perks such as being able to cook from frozen, which is convenient for busy people! We’re very approachable and any questions you have we’re more than happy for you to give us a call or send us an email and we will always try our best to ans ... show more



We are to committed to sustainability and believe in making all our products good for the world for the long term


We care immensely about the environment and take steps to ensure we dont hurt it, i.e the packaging we use

Local Communities

Food brings many people together and Family Secret was based on communities coming together anywhere in the world when good food and a meal is being had. We also know that there are many people who dont have that opportunity and don't have food and no community. Family Secret feeds the homeless and provides meals and supports charities whenever it can

Packaging & Waste

Our packaging is fully recyclable at present, but committed as we are to sustainability, our environment, our global community, Family Secret is working on innovative packaging that will make our packaging either definitely recyclable, the plastics fully biodegradable or compostible

Inspiring & Educating

Family Secret aims to inspire people to cook more themselves as the age of take aways continues. We have a range of recipe videos we are working on to help educate people that cooking can be easy, fun and quick

Energy Reduction

We are always looking at ways to maximise the amount of produce we make with the lowest amount of energy.

Nutritional Values

With all our products we aim to make them either low fat, low sugar, low salt, low calorie and if they are high in some of these factors then they will be portion controlled. Remember a little of something in moderation is not always bad for you.

Animal Welfare

We care about animals, most of our products are Vegetarian or Vegan

Our ingredient suppliers

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Who we supply to on the Happerley Network

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