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Oldfields Cider is produced at Oldfields, a family-run farm in the heart of the Teme Valley. Originally we were hop growers, a crop that requires unyielding diligence and dedication. Growing Hops taught us that impeccable work leads to impeccable results, an ethos that has informed every aspect of life at Oldfields. In 2013 Hobsons Brewery in nearby Cleobury Mortimer, a long time hop customer of ours approached us to ask if we would be interested in making premium quality cider with them. They had an innovative take on the process. You see, historically cleanliness has never been at the top of the agenda for traditional 'farm house' cider makers, but when it comes to brewing beer meticulous hygiene is of paramount importance. They felt that by marrying the principles of modern beer brewing to the craft of traditional cider making, we could create an exceptional product. Every aspect of the cider-making process is done on the farm. Growing the apples, pressing and fermentation right the way through to filling the kegs and capping the bottles, we do it all. This level of oversight enables us to maintain the highest standards at every stage. We combine the finest local ingredients, some of the most innovative technologies in brewing and a heartfelt passion for cider to produce a truly superlative drink. It's... Well, impeccable.



Three years ago, with the help of renowned local willow grower and basket maker Jenny Crisp, we devised a system to naturally filter the runoff from our site via a series of interconnected, terraced willow beds. It works a treat! dirty water at one end becomes clean water at the other. Plus the willow plants provide a fantastic new wetland habitat for insects and animals.


Our sheds are fitted with a bank of photovoltaic panels that generate electricity which is then fed back into the grid.

Local Communities

After the last pub in Frith Common (there used to be three!) closed it's doors almost 10 years ago the village was bereft of a meeting place to convene and discuss the issues of the day, like 'that bloke who drives down the road to fast' or how 'there's so many pheasants out on the road at the moment. I swear, it's like Day of the Dead with feathers'. So we were all too pleased, nay honoured, to fill that hole. With our new custom-built taproom, we are now in the position to hold monthly pub nights for our esteemed locals. After all, Something has to be done about all these bloody pheasants!

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Oldfield Farm, Frith Common, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8JX
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