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Brine springs have naturally existed beneath Droitwich Spa for millions of years. It was an internationally valuable resource in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Norman Times and King John granted the town a Royal Charter in 1215 based on the importance of its brine. In the mid 19th Century Droitwich Salt won international recognition and was awarded a ‘Premier Class No 41’ designation. Today, we are once again using this unique resource to make one of the purest, natural brine spring salts in the world. “Having both grown up in Droitwich, we are immensely proud to be part of a product revival with such local and international importance. While we are a family farming business located in the Heart of England our vision is to become a major player in the wider UK gourmet salt market and firmly position Droitwich Salt as a delicious natural alternative” - Will & Gillian Kerton



Winner of Best Sustainable Business Worcestershire Award 2018 at Tourism Awards Hereford & Worcester. We only use renewable energy from our biomass boiler, solar panels, or the warmth from British sunlight to crystallise brine into Droitwich Salt.


As a fifth generation farm, we take our responsibility to our land and the local community very seriously. We generate renewable energy, conduct our business in a sustainable way, minimise use of resource and energy when possible, especially anything non-recyclable or made of plastic. We want to leave our farm to the next generation even better than it is today.

Local Communities

We support our local community, and will be hosting Messy Madness again this year for St. Richard’s Hospice. We support other local businesses where possible, buying our labels from Birmingham and Hartlebury, teaming up with Michelin starred chef Brad Carter who has his restaurant in Moseley, and working with Macneils Smokehouse to develop the perfect smokiness for Beech Smoked Droitwich Salt.

Packaging & Waste

The cardboard labels on our salt packs have always been FSC certified paper, and we use FSC certified paper in our offices too. We’re working with a new supplier to switch our plastic pouches to a paper version which still lets our customers see the salt, and keeps the 3 year shelf life for our pure salt. We’re also working to introduce a plastic-free option for our 900g catering tubs, which we will launch later this year.

Inspiring & Educating

We hold Salt Tours onsite, showing groups around and explaining the working farm and saltworks. We often have local schools come for the tours onsite, and also welcome work experience students every year. We hope this insight into a diversified farm inspires the next generation of salt makers, farmers, ice cream makers, chefs, and food scientists!

Energy Reduction

Conscious of our energy use, we’ve installed a biomass boiler and a solar farm to make the most of our farm’s natural resources, aiming to use as little energy from the grid as possible. We’ve also invested in two large polytunnels which capture sunlight, helping to naturally crystallise and evaporate moisture from our Droitwich Salt.

Nutritional Values

Our Pure Droitwich Salt is just that, 100% natural brine salt.

Animal Welfare

There are no animal-containing or animal-derived products in Droitwich Salt or any of its packaging. Churchfields Saltworks is based on Churchfields Farm, a local fifth generation dairy farm certified to Red Tractor standards.

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