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XT is an innovative, independent brewery crafting a wide range of beers - Our XT beers form the core range of characterful, full flavoured brews and our wild side: Animal pushes the boundaries with new and exciting, challenging one off experimental beers. The brewery is on the beautiful Notley Farm in the village of Long Crendon, on the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire border near Oxford. Created by Russ Taylor and Gareth Xifaras in 2011,we brew all our own real ales for cask, keg, cans and bottles.



We use just four ingredients - Malt, Water, Hops and Yeast. These are all naturally produced, much of it from UK farms and low impact on the environment. Malt and Hops do not require significant irrigation. Beer has been produced for 1000s of years.


All our waste products are reused, our water usage is one of the lowest in the industry. We recycle heat produced in the brewing process and look to reduce energy use in every possible area. Our local supply chain with minimal delivery miles, of bulk packages beer to pubs for dispense in reusable containers through out the whole cycle is a traditional model that should be an example to many other industries.

Local Communities

We are very much a community business - sponsoring our local schools, the local football, cricket and rugby teams. We believe a local brewery also helps build communities with a sense of personal ownership and alink to local area. Micro brewing has a low level of mechanization so we are also a relatively significant local employer.

Packaging & Waste

Our cask beer is delivered in bulk volumes in fully reusable containers to local pubs who then dispense our beer in re-usable glasses. The casks are used over and over for many years. Our by-products are spent grain and yeast which goes to animal feed at a local farm, spent hops are used by the local allotments. So our manufacturing process produces virtually no landfill waste.

Inspiring & Educating

We provide brewery tours on site and are very often out in local pubs and societies explaining the brewing process or the farming practices associated. Education and involvement are also key factors in driving growth in the craft market.

Energy Reduction

We recycle heat produced in the days brewing process to heat water for the next day.

Nutritional Values

There are no additives in our beers - all natural ingredients with alcohol and hops providing the preservative.

Animal Welfare

Not Applicable - animal products are not used.

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The Brewery, Notley Farm, Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9ER
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