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Revolver is a multi‐stakeholder co‐operative working with co-operatives in the developing world and cooperative retailers, cooperating rather than competing to maximise opportunities and income for producers and sharing lower prices for customers. We don’t have shareholders, just members. We operate under the brand Co-operative Coffee for our various Fairtrade and Organic World Coffees, and in the coming year, we plan to develop our coffee shop offering in stores using our 'COOP COFFEE' branding to create the UK's first truly ethical high street coffee chain.



Revolver Cooperative recognises we have a responsibility to the environment and farmers. Owning the Fairtrade certification is very important for us, it means we guarantee you that our product has been manufactured in accordance with Fairtrade policy. We think the poorest and weakest producers' work must be rewarded to achieve greater equality in conventional trade, which is often discriminatory. We’re also really proud due to the fact that our company appeared many time in the UK ethical consumer magazine – who help consumers to shop ethically or businesses to improve their supply chain.


We are proud to say we are Soil Association certified Organic. The Soil Association is a charity based in the United Kingdom. Today, its activities include campaign work on issues including opposition to intensive farming, support for local purchasing and public education on nutrition; as well the certification of organic food. Today it certifies over 80% of organic produce in the UK like ethical trade and agriculture. This certification is important to us because it's evidence of our engagement about our customers and producers and that corresponds to our high-quality politics.

Local Communities

The welfare of the local community is at the heart of our cooperative approach. As a cooperative ourselves, we believe in working with the local community to empower local decision making. We are therefore partnered with several local community cooperatives in our coffee communities. One of these is our Peruvian partner CENFROCAFE, a leader in helping provide vital services to thousands of small-scale farmers in Northern Peru, community projects such as leadership training for young people, health and education services, and clean water and electricity infrastructure have been success stories.

Packaging & Waste

As an environmentally conscious company, we believe we must play our part in striving to achieve sustainable cooperation. That why we are moving towards using biodegradable and compostable materials in our packaging and manufacture of our products. Our newly launched Revolver Cooperative Drinking Chocolate packaging and our disposable cups launching in our range of cafés are a great example of this – both are biodegradable and compostable and will not be found in a landfill site by future generations. We believe we all must play our part in helping the planet, and we’re keen to grow this.

Inspiring & Educating

Having been built on the foundation of the Cooperative Movement’s values and principles, our cooperative pays special attention to ‘Rule 7’ of the ICA Cooperative Principles – ‘Concern for the Community’. Not only are we a member of the Fair Tax Mark, but we were the 20th company worldwide to do so – we recognise that our cooperative is built on the community and our company Fair Tax policy is our belief that we should be leaders in giving back. We are also proud to be a member of the Living Wage Foundation, again, our belief that our outstanding team is the foundation of our cooperative.

Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

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Animal Welfare

We guarantee superior coffee quality due to the fact that all our products are certified GM-free, which means that they don't contain any genetically modified material, we only use natural product to produce our coffee. This preserves all the flavours of the coffee and gives it its great taste.

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