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For over 20 years their family run bakery has been providing high quality homemade cakes, sponges, slices and more. One of many specialities is the delicious quiche made for any occasion. They use organic ingredients where possible, and a local farmer provides the free-range eggs. Situated in the Gloucestershire countryside, their extensive premises allows them to cook delicious homemade food, from scratch, for both the local community - who can purchase in our farm shop attached to our tea rooms - and many independent retailers. What started from producing cakes for our tea-room, customer demand led them to produce cakes to sell in our shop attached to the tea-room. This quickly grew with local retailers asking for their produce and now Taynton Farm Foods supply many independent retailers across Gloucestershire and within a 50 mile radius of the farm.



As an environmentally conscious business we pride ourselves on ensuring that everything we do and all ingredients we use are, as much as is practicable, allows us to call ourselves a forward thinking and sustainable organisation!


We have been environmentally conscious for many years – and are in a fortunate position to be able to consider the environment – and our impact upon it, on many of our business processes. Everything form using local suppliers who share our ethos as regards the environment to being able to be ecologically smart when it comes to deliveries and what areas we target for the progression of our business.

Local Communities

We are very much an organisation that sits comfortably within our local community. Of our work force, almost 75% live within a 5 mile radius of our business premises and we offer our products to local residents from our on-site farm shop! This encourages local residents to know and understand who we are and what we do!

Packaging & Waste

Obviously we like any environmentally aware and forward thinking organisation are very aware of our responsibility towards the environment from a packaging perspective! That’s why we choose our business partners with this in mind.

Inspiring & Educating

Having been in business now for over 20 years we understand our responsibility not only to our customers but also to our suppliers and our staff!! We believe that tasty and healthy can, and do, go hand in hand and at the various events and markets we attend we ensure that we deliver this message at every opportunity!! We like to think that an informed customer is a loyal customer

Energy Reduction

This to us is a win-win situation. By reducing our energy output – whether that be by investing in modern and low energy/emission equipment or ensuring that our fleet of vehicles are running at an emission efficient premium, we ensure that energy used is as low as we can feasibly get it to be. To cap it all, lower energy usage results in lower bills!

Nutritional Values

We believe that healthy food can, indeed, be tasty food. Where ever possible we employ healthy cooking techniques and use lower fat alternatives to ensure that the customer gets what they want. We are constantly looking to develop our range and are currently investigating the possibility of introducing a vegan range of pies, pastries and cakes.

Animal Welfare

From the eggs and milk to the meat we use in our products we are insistent that our suppliers meet the highest levels of animal welfare and, wherever possible, we will use organic ingredients!! And boy, you can really taste the difference!!

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Taynton Farm Foods

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