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Based in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, Pixley Berries can quench your thirst. They live for the taste, flavour, aroma and colour derived from the fruits they squeeze, producing a naturally delicious cordial which contains lashing of juice, sugar, and water. Nothing else. Their range includes the beloved Blackcurrant made from their unique "Pixley Black" selected for fantastic flavour and the ability to withstand present changes to the climate.



Pixley Berries is proud of its rural heritage and shares it with many of its neighbours. We enjoy several hectares of ancient woodland, a number of old coppices and old orchards. We keep very low food miles with the Juice press being on our farm!


Pixley is increasingly conscious of the need to grow plants which reduce the need for direct control of pests and diseases and require only judicious use of fertiliser. The result of less synthetic treatments at Pixley is a beneficial increase in ants, as evidenced by increased numbers of Green Woodpeckers. The ants like to 'farm' a 'stem' aphid which they protect from predators such as ladybirds, of which numbers have increased. This creates an interesting ecology of all three, together with the honeydew of the aphids, so loved by the ants.

Local Communities

We support our local community and offer woodland walks particularity when the Bluebells are out. We also support local charities and help in our village when bad weather hits (such as clearing snow with the JCB!)

Packaging & Waste

We minimise our waste by spreading pomace back to land. We use british suppliers where possible for our bottles and labels.

Inspiring & Educating

We regularly welcome groups to the Juice and farm to educate where we can.

Energy Reduction

We have solar panels on our juice and reuse water where possible.

Nutritional Values

Blackcurrant cordial Nutrition: per 100ml diluted 1:5 with water: Energy 173Kj 41kcal: Protein trace: Carbohydrate 9.8g (of which sugar 9.8g): Fat Nil. Raspberry and Blackcurrant cordial Nutrition: Per 100ml diluted 1:5 with water: Energy 128Kj 30kcal: Protein Trace: Carbohydrate 7.3g (of which sugars 7.3g): Fat Nil.

Animal Welfare

Not Applicable

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Who we supply to on the Happerley Network

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Pixley Berries (Juice) Ltd

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