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For three generations Adlington have been providing exemplary premium products for the British fine food market. They are specialist in offering outstanding quality turkey and poultry all year around to make your feasts with family and friends truly memorable. True devotees of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy, Adlington source food and bedding of the highest quality from local producers, including the neighbouring arable farmer who provides feed oats and the subsequent straw for bedding. This attention to detail enforces their passion and belief of producing the best quality poultry possible.With long steeped traditions of supplying the finest quality traditional turkey and unique poultry products renowned for both their flavour and succulence, Adlington have been pioneers in the development of multi-bird roasts for the British dining tables. In 2016 Adlington acquired the Label Anglais chicken farming and distribution business. Label Anglais has established a reputation for quality and excellence in the restaurant, catering and hotel sectors since its inception in 1999.

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