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Our History For three generations Adlington have been providing exemplary premium products for the British fine food market. They are specialist in offering outstanding quality turkey and poultry all year around to make your feasts with family and friends truly memorable. Our Mission True devotees of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy, Adlington source food and bedding of the highest quality from local producers, including the neighbouring arable farmer who provides feed oats and the subsequent straw for bedding. This attention to detail enforces our passion and belief of producing the best quality poultry possible. With long steeped traditions of supplying the finest quality traditional turkey and unique poultry products renowned for both their flavour and succulence, Adlington have been pioneers in the development of multi-bird roasts for the British dining tables. In 2016 Adlington acquired the Label Anglais chicken farming and distribution business. Label Anglais has established a reputation for quality and excellence in the restaurant, catering and hotel sectors since its inception in 1999.



We aim to maximize everything with a view to sustainability and efficiency. Whether it is buying packing and collecting rather than delivering saving road miles or making sure that our transport is always full and making the most of the inputs being used.


As a farm base business we have always been careful with our waste water. We have developed a unique way of filtering the water after the factory has made use of it, by using a macerating pump, into a solids separation tank and then finally out through a large reed bed .The reeds filter the impurities out of the water making it safe to be recycled back into the waste water system.

Local Communities

We work with local charity groups such as the Lions and Round table with charity donations and evening trips into our business. We also supply turkey into homeless charities and as a main staple for locally organised get-together's for the elderly who otherwise would be housebound.

Packaging & Waste

On the whole turkey side of our business, we are completely plastic free, using only greaseproof and re-usable cardboard. We are constantly searching for packaging models that can make us more environmentally friendly , and at the moment this would revolve around the use of plastic trays for pre packs. Cardboard is a preferred way forward, and we are working on the challenges with shelf life as we speak.

Inspiring & Educating

We work closely with the local schools . As a business we arrange trips to the farm and the factory and are in the schools ourselves giving lectures on anything from brand, marketing and awareness to the GCSE students through to question and answer sessions about the origin and provenance of our fresh local produce with primary school children .We find the feedback from these sessions , from staff and children alike, is tremendous and very rewarding.

Energy Reduction

We have invested in large solar power units to power the factory and not to sell back to the grid. We find this works very well as we have to power fridges and chill rooms 24/7. The factory has been completely fitted out with LED light units and bulbs to reduce the electric usage.

Nutritional Values

As a business we are aiming to always be the healthy alternative, and have recently moved our ingredients to gluten free.

Animal Welfare

Again we take this very seriously and is very much on our radar. Our chicken brand , Label Anglais is Free Range , and 74 days reared with a natural slow growing feed. We have our own welfare protocol, written between the growers and ourselves to ensure the very high standards are maintained at all times. The chicken has been awarded the Compassion World farming Gold Award. Our turkeys are Bronze free range and white barn reared, both with a lot of space, fresh air and natural bedding and feed. They are also slow growing breeds and take a full 6 months to mature.


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