Willowbrook is a family run farm nestled in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. We believe it is our duty to take seriously the role of stewards of the environment and to produce food naturally and sustainably. In practice this means we adopt a responsible and holistic approach to all aspects of food production, from the farm to fork. We keep our livestock and poultry at naturally sustainable and manageable stocking levels, providing them with plenty of access to fresh pasture. We strive to meet the highest standards: providing a non-GM diet and using no unnatural chemicals, hormones or routine medication on our animals or on our land. Over and above our farming practices we are committed to the environmental sustainability and natural biodiversity of the land. Although we have grown from a small farm supplying the needs of our friends and family, to supplying customers across the UK, we still hold true to our ideals and will never allow ourselves to chase profit or expand to commercial levels that will compromise our integrity and quality. Through our regular summer Events and Activities we welcome visitors to our farm throughout the year to meet us personally and be part of our work. We feel it is important for there to be a strong connection between supplier and consumer, as both parties are responsible for ensuring that the food we consume has been naturally, sustainably and ethically produced. Whether you're interested in buying quality reared food, or joining in our ... show more



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Willowbrook Farm, Hampton Gay, Kidlington, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX5 2QQ, UK
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