Bushel + Peck Cider and Perry Join Happerley Transparent

26th Feb 2020 15:32 PM

We are very excited to announce that Bushel + Peck Cider and Perry are now certified Transparent as part of the Co-Operative Best of Our Counties range (a unique range of locally and ethically sourced food and drink which you will find in your local Midcounties Co-Operative store). 
Bushel + Peck are real advocates for sustainable production and welcome local apple and pear tree owners to contact them if they have surplus unsprayed fruit in their gardens, in exchange for free bottles of Cider (or apple juice)! They also strive to promote biodiversity by sourcing apples and pears from traditional orchards around the County. Traditional orchards are ecological havens and home to hundreds of species of fauna and flora, but they are sadly in decline – by using local orchards, Bushel + Peck hope to attach some value to the fruit, contribute to their survival and the ecosystems they shelter, whilst having access to 100+ wonderful varieties of apples that are unique to Gloucestershire.
Bushel + Peck are a relatively small cider-maker, but pride themselves on their artisanal production techniques; each year they hand-pick, wash and press (with a little help from a hydraulic pump) millions of apples. Once fermented and matured they even bottle their product by hand – all very much in line with how cider has been made in Gloucestershire for centuries.
After you've tried a bottle of Bushel + Peck cider or perry, we’re sure you’ll agree all the effort is worthwhile! #RealCider #CiderDoneSimply