Bushel + Peck Cider and Perry Turn Gold Standard!

16th Sep 2020 15:27 PM

Yet another Gold Standard producer added to the list!
Bushel + Peck Cider and Perry is handcrafted in Gloucestershire in small batches, using unsprayed and surplus fruit from gardens and traditional orchards. No one batch is identical, varying from year to year and according to the fruit they harvest each Autumn. But every bottle, cask or keg contains fine cider that has been produced with the same care and consideration to ensure the quality of the fruit used is always reflected in its taste.
By using unsprayed fruit, Bushel + Peck are making a statement of their awareness of the environment, birds, bees and bugs that live in and around the fruit trees - sustainability is at the forefront of their production!
Happerley is thrilled to be able to award Bushel + Peck Gold Standard Transparency and tell the story of the producers working hard to give you great tasting cider and perry.
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