Oldfields Cider Turns Happerley Transparent

20th Feb 2020 16:56 PM

We are proud to introduce the ‘Good Local Folk’ of Oldfields Cider to the Happerley Family. Now certified Transparent as part of the Co-Operative Best of Our Counties range (a unique range of locally and ethically sourced food and drink which you will find in your local Midcounties Co-Operative store). 
Oldfields Cider is devoted to crafting quality cider, from freshly pressed apples on a family-run farm in the Teme Valley, Worcestershire. A traditional county farm, with a number of different strings to their bow – the farm has been keeping sheep and cattle since 1960, harvesting hops since 1979 and commercially growing cider apples for the last 17 years.
Cider production had been an annual tradition since the family first moved to the farm, but a partnership with Hobson’s Brewery in 2013 saw the farm diversify into mass-producing a quality, local cider made from the finest ingredients. By 2017 Oldfields Cider became a fully in-house produced product with its own bottling and kegging plant and was even included in The Independent newspaper’s Top 10 Ciders – an incredible achievement!