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Suppliers of spring and flavoured waters, functional waters, school compliant drinks, premium sparkling pressés, fruit juices and own label brands. The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales. We bottle a diverse range of spring water, flavoured spring water, sparkling premium pressés, fruit juices and school compliant drinks. We have a passion for making the simplest of things taste great and our ranges include: Radnor Hills Spring Water, Radnor Splash, Radnor Plus, Fruella, Fruella Hydrate, Heartsease Farm, Radnor Fizz and Radnor Fruits. Our brand support team provides a successful bespoke product development service to our private label customers.



At Radnor Hills we are very aware of our environmental responsibilities, as we abstract our pure spring water from the land around us. This includes our commitment to ensure that we minimise our packaging requirements and work towards a system that recycles our bottles and packaging.


We are ISO 14001 accredited which means we meet the international standards of requirements for our Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 helps businesses improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

Local Communities

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Packaging & Waste

Radnor Hills have recently introduced 51% recycled plastic called RPET into our bottles. The new RPET bottles are still be 100% recyclable so that they can be re-manufactured into a multitude of items. Bottles can be recycled to make T shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, insulation, sleeping bags, carpeting and of course plastic bottles. It takes 10 bottles to make a T-shirt and 63 bottles to make a sweater. We now use a 30% recycled plastic shrink wrap to protect our products before we ship them out to you! This is an industry first, and is still 100% recyclable!

Inspiring & Educating

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Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

You can view all of our nutritional values of all of our products on our website www.radnorhills.co.uk

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Radnor Hills Mineral Water

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