This year sees the 25th anniversary of Radnor Hills. When William returned to his family farm from university and decided to sell their water rather than the sheep and cattle, the Radnor Hills journey began! From tiny beginnings packing cuplets for airlines they now produce a whole range of products in glass and plastic bottles, from waters to mixers, pressés and healthy children’s products. Unbelievably last year they produced 230 million bottles on their site in Radnorshire and this year they have increased their capacity to produce 400 million. 2017 sees the launch of their new range of Tetra products! Central to their business belief is to create products that look and particularly taste better than those of their competitors. With that central core value in mind William assembled a team of experts in developing and producing delicious products. This is where some great ideas turn into reality! As a company they want to make the world a better place than it was before they started, so are very keen to continually challenge and improve their environmental credentials, work closely with the community and support many local charities. They also serve as a key employer in the rural part of the country.


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Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company Limited, Heartsease, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1LU, UK
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Radnor Hills Mineral Water

01547 530220


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